Our Offices

An illustrated lighthouse and a bridge over water

Diversity, Equity, and Belonging

Illustrated people. A dark-complected person with curly hair is wearing a sweater with a rainbow autism symbol. Another person with dark hair wearing a hijab sips from a mug with a white cane at their side. A light-skinned person with reddish hair and a bionic arm does martial arts. A person with medium-complected in a wheelchair holds a megaphone. A dark-complected person with blue curly hair and a hearing aid smiles as they work. Two lightly-complected people with dark hair sign to each other.

Disability Affairs

Softly illustrated tree with roots

Gender-Based Violence Prevention

Monarch butterflies and illustrated hills

Immigrant Relations

Retail food worker

Labor Standards Enforcement

Text bubbles in various languages in front of a county-scape, Language Access Unit

Language Access Unit

Bright bold imagery with intersex-inclusive pride flag, the office staff, and fun lettering that reads Office of LGBTQ Affairs

LGBTQ Affairs

Art by Ruby Morales from the She is More collection, a project by Womanhood and funded in part by the Office of Women’s Policy

Women's Policy