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About OLSE

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Our pro-equity approaches

Change the narrative

Normalize conversations about labor standards by developing a shared understanding of workers’ rights and business responsibilities at the workplace. 

Subject matter expertise

Provide population trend information and engage with leading experts to learn about best and emerging practices that foster effective and accountable leadership for labor standards enforcement.

Transformational change

Build organizational capacity to operationalize enforcement programs that transform systems, structures, and policies that perpetuate labor violations and inequities in the workplace.

Partnerships and community engagement

Develop and support strategic partnerships with federal, state and local agencies and community-based organizations to leverage their expertise towards creating safe and respectful workplaces in Santa Clara County.

Policy analysis

Partner with local, state, and federal organizations that monitor and advocate for policies that create safe and respectful workplaces in Santa Clara County.

Data, evaluation, and accountability

Build a robust data infrastructure by authoring and funding local research and data-collection methods to better understand the experiences of workers and business in Santa Clara County and use data to make decisions for County services and programming.