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About ODEB

Our pro-equity approaches

Change the narrative

Facilitate training opportunities for County departments to increase knowledge, skills, and capacity for County staff to proactively identify and address policies and practices that perpetuate racial inequities in the outcomes of our programs and services. 

Subject matter expertise

Connect County departments and staff to national, state, regional, and local best practices, resources, and guidance for advancing racial equity in government. 

Transformational change

Support incorporation of evidence-based principles of equity and belonging into all County activities, policies, and programs. 

Partnerships and community engagement

Cultivate and strengthen County partnerships to advance equity in government. 

Policy analysis

Provide technical assistance to County departments and external partners to examine, update, and design policies and equitable decision-making practices.

Data, evaluation, and accountability

Establish and maintain Countywide processes and infrastructure to monitor, evaluate and communicate progress toward advancing equity in government. 

Our staff

Headshot of Analilia Garcia

Dr. Analilia Garcia
Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer
[email protected] 
Pronouns: She/Her/Ella