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Office of Women's Policy

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family friendly workplace Santa Clara County

Family-friendly workplace

Family friendly workplaces improve health outcomes and job satisfaction for employees and increase work productivity and retention for employers. Employers can create a family friendly workplace by meeting and exceeding state and federal employment laws relating to parental leave, lactation accommodation, and work/family balance.

an elderly person and child's hands reaching out to each other

Caregiver Returnship Program

The Caregiver Returnship Program empowers professionals, who put their careers on pause to care for others, to transition back into the workforce. Participants are connected to County employment, benefits, and networking opportunities.

when young mom thrive, reimagining child care, community, and young motherhood

When Young Moms Thrive

The purpose of the When Young Moms Thrive, We All Do Initiative at Young Women’s Freedom Center and Alliance for Girls was to bring young moms and young trans parents of all genders together to reframe common stereotypes about young parenthood and shed light on the social structures and systemic barriers challenging young mothers across California.

illustration split into three parts; left has a blue crescent moon, the middle has a larger hand holding small hand with white flowers behind; the right has two flowers with colors behind

Womanhood Project

The "She is More" series by artist Ruby Morales is part of Womanhood, a women's recognition public art project honoring the significant achievements and contributions of women across all intersectional identities to the County of Santa Clara.