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Our pro-equity approaches

Change the narrative

  • Provide training and tools to understand and address the root causes of girls, women, and gender-expansive inequities. 

  • Raise visibility about gender bias, gender inequities, the status of women, girls, and nonbinary individuals, their needs, and their contribution to Santa Clara County. 

Subject matter expertise

  • Offer guidance to County departments and community members on best practices to support girls, women, nonbinary, and gender-expansive individuals to support, referrals, and resources locally and nationally. 

  • Work collaboratively with all County departments and local agencies to review current practices and provide technical assistance.   

Transformational change

Lead innovation of cross-departmental best practices, remove systems barriers, and expand linkage and access to services. 

Partnerships and community engagement

  • Represent the County and build partnerships with local, state, and national government agencies, school districts, and nonprofit organizations on girls, women, and gender-expansive issues. 

  • Convene local agencies and community leaders to build supports and platforms to strengthen and amplify girls, women, and gender-expansive voices.  

Policy analysis

  • Embed a gender-based lens across county policies. 

  • Review existing or proposed policy to ensure adequate and appropriate inclusion of girls, women and gender-expansive individuals. 

  • Track key Women’s policy areas and provide recommendations for local action. 

Data, evaluation, and accountability

  • Support the standardization and integration of gender and related demographic data into County data collection. 

  • Design, implement, and analyze a county-wide crosswalk on programs being conducted related to girls, women, and gender-expansive issues. 

  • Identify specific county-wide gaps in girls, women, and gender-expansive support and services. 

  • Conduct or secure research to identify promising/evidence-based practices to advance equity in girls, women, and gender-expansive issues. 

Our staff

Office of Women's Policy Program Manager II, Cassandra Staff

Cassandra Staff
Program Manager II
(408) 678-1029
[email protected]
Pronouns: she/her

headshot of Ketzel Gomez

Ketzal Gomez
Management Analyst
(669) 666-4635
[email protected]
Pronouns: she/her they/them

KimLien Le

KimLien Le
Senior Management Analyst
(408) 678-1474
[email protected]
Pronouns: she/her 

headshot of Rose Luerra

Rose Luerra
Community Outreach Specialist
(408) 678-3541 
[email protected]