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Contracted or through Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)


An LGBTQ+ older adult program focused on socialization, LGBTQ+ health education, case management, and caregiver support.

Ceres Policy Research

An initiative designed to promote the health and well-being of the LGBTQ+ youth living in the County of Santa Clara.

Liana Vibes Film

An awareness campaign highlighting transgender, nonbinary, gender expansive, and intersex employment success stories.  

Public Allies

A government apprenticeship program within the Office of LGBTQ Affairs that focuses on LGBTQ+ equity, capacity building, and leadership development.  

Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs

Through the Noxtin program, a train-the-trainer program that focuses on juvenile justice reforms. 


A workplace training designed to support affirming workplaces and practices for transgender, gender expansive, and intersex employees.  


A volunteer registry program designed to increase the quality of life for LGBTQ+ older adults.  

Young Women’s Freedom Center

A program aimed at connecting LGBTQ+ at risk youth to community leaders and mentors who can support with access to health, wellness, and educational resources.  


LGBTQ+ Service Providers and CBO Network

A network of LGBTQ+ organizations that meets monthly to share out LGBTQ+ initiatives, priorities, and events.  

Trans Care Coalition

A collaborative coalition that supports agencies and services providers to meet the needs of transgender and nonbinary communities in an affirming and culturally responsive way. 

Getting to Zero

A multi-sector collaborative initiative that strives for zero new HIV infections, zero HIV-related deaths, and zero HIV-related stigma and discrimination in County of Santa Clara.

Pride Net Health Research

A collaboration with Stanford’s Pride Net and Project More on LGBTQ+ Health Research.  

National LGBTQ+ Practitioners

A coalition of national LGBTQ+ practitioners within the government sector. 

LGBTQ+ Older Adult Community Advisory Workgroup

A committee of LGBTQ+ older adult community members, County service providers, and community-based organizations that ensures County of Santa Clara continually progresses as a safe and affirming place for LGBTQ+ older adults.